The Algarve

Think of the Algarve and you think of sunshine breaks and relaxed lifestyle. You imagine golden beaches on the coast of calm sea waters, sun-kissed tourists relaxing and sampling the delights that this wonderful region of the southern Portugal has to offer.


Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by bright colours, from the golden sands, to the crystal clear waters, the clear blue skies, the vivid green grass, and the white-washed walls of the buildings in the Algarve's old towns. The seemingly endless coastline includes some of the world's most beutiful beaches, but by venturing just a few miles inland, you can lose yourself in the heritage and history of the Algarve.



With long hours of sunshine and only short periods of rainfall, generally between November and March, the Algarve has the perfect weather and climate. The maximum temperatures fluctuate between 15°C and 31 °C, with the temperature never falling below zero in the winter months.


A fabulous destination for golfers, the Algarve provides the facilities and the weather for players almost throughout the year – and especially in Spring and Autumn. 


The Algarve has over 30 golf courses (most of which are Championship class, also a few designed with the beginner in mind).  Wherever you decide to stay you will never be far from a course.


Eating out in the Algarve holds a prominent position in Portuguese life and is the only way to truly discover the extent of the region's culinary range. Food can be seen to reflect the heritage of this fantastic region, always full of flavour and richly prepared, and with roots dating back to a world long since gone.


The Algarve has a great programme of events throughout the year and right across the region. There are fireworks and parties for New Year, carnivals at Mardi Gras and concerts throughout the summer with a variety of artists performing jazz, pop, rock and classical music.